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Fat Little Indian Blog 2.1

Yeah, that’s right people. I’m back! New and improved with the help of WordPress. So let’s see if I’ll get back on track with posting stuff as well. Fingers crossed :)

I’m still @ MPC here in London. However, I’ve decided to go back to good ol’ Stocktown just before Christmas. My last day here at work (yeah, having a bit of downtime currently so I thought I might just get cracking on the new on-line experience of the Fat Little Indian Me) will be the 17th of December. Then I’ll be heading back home on the 19th. Make sure to holler back at me before I go if you’re here in the 3rd world or see you around when I get back to civilization!

From early 2011 I’m currently available for work so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any exciting character or creature stuff that needs some love! Either in the Stockholm area or remote work, if you’ve been reading my blog you already know that I spent most of last year working remotely with studios in London, Baltimore, Copenhagen and Barcelona.

I’ll see if I can move all the old post from the old blog over here…looks like I’ll have to do it manually. Nice! And here I was thinking we were in the future, after all it is 2010. Isn’t it?

Anyways, don’t miss the update to the main site as well. Going to keep adding new stuff (and hopefully some moving stuff as well, you know…animation and all…worst case that won’t happen until I’m back home)


ps. just to make sure you don’t feel all lost and lonely I kept the old blog header image. Gee, I’m so thoughtful ain’t I?

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