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Meet Todd

Or The Todd as he started calling himself after seeing The Big Lebowski on the premiere down at Sundance, it has a nice ring to it of being something more than just an ordinary Todd. Allthough no one really saw him there, at the festival, he was there. Lurking about in the shadows. As always. And no, it’s not “The Todd” from Scrubs. The only similarity is that he has a good eye for the women out there. And that they both help people…The Todd more so than anyone might know…yet.

The Todd is a character I’ve been developing for a couple of short film ideas that I’ve been carrying around in the back of my head. Would you like to see more of The Todd? If so don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to unveil more of “The Story of The Todd”. Would you perhaps like to hire The Todd, or one of his friends that me, or you, might have been carrying around in the back of our heads, to help you out in some way? Well then you’ve come to the rigt place- I’m his manager you see. So what are you waiting for, let’s bring all these lovely characters & creatures to life!

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