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Kind words from the Motionographers!

http://motionographer.com/2012/08/17/janak-thakker/ Cheers, Janak


2012-04-12, that’s a date that goes down in the familly history books as the dawn of a new era. The time is here for the next generation of the Fat Little Grindians* to roam the globe and make it a better place. I’m not going to bore you with words so just have a look [...]

Let me introduce you to The Fat Little Indian Sis’!

Hey peeps, This post is surprisingly enough not at all about me, but all about the Fat Little Indian Sis’ that’s roaming the streets of the 3rd world (UK/London, for those of you who didn’t finish school). After finishing her MA with flying colors and a masterplan to turn the Liverpool Street Station in London [...]

Moving offices pt. III

Sssoo, long time no post. I bet ya’ll have been sleepless since the last one. Right? Sorry about that. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’ll be getting better at this stuff tho’. Wouldn’t be fair now would it?! :-) Anyways, late last year I moved in with the Mad Crew into [...]

Moving offices pt. II

So, since that thing in the previous post didn’t really work out I’ve moved back to Sööödermalm again. Tolda ya’ I’d be back! At the moment I’m “officeless”, but that’s soon to change. Stay tuned for the final part in this exciting trilogy! :-) Cheers, Janak


Something that had plenty of potential, and that I’ve spent quite some time on since I got back from the 3:rd world, didn’t happen in the end. Simply because I take pride in what I do. And I know what it’s worth. And you can’t have it at a below the belt price. Pardon my [...]

Moving offices

Hey peeps, This morning Per was kind enough to help me drag my stuff all the way over to the wrong side of the village or as some might call it “Vasastan”. I had the pleasure of chillaxing with the Creape guys for around 3 years or so already and I have to say it [...]

Jamie’s life as a piece of plastic

Even tho’ this might not be the title of the project, that’s what it is! Kinda. You know that “naked cook” guy, Jamie Oliver? Yeah, the one that weren’t really naked…anyways we did this project at MPC where he would “be” an egg timer. No body or any of that fancy stuff he’s so used [...]

New links

As Andreas finally got around to publish his web site I added a link on the link page. Yupp, most definitely worth a blog post of it own. Almost. Just as I was about to update the list I noticed that I didn’t link to Emnet yet! Oh the horrors! All sorted now tho’ (and [...]

Cadbury’s Spots V. Stripes hat-trick!

In case anyone missed the Cadbury’s Spots V. Stripes (or just click the image below if you’d just like to see the shots I worked on ;-))spot we did at MPC last year you might have also missed that it’s been collecting quite a few awards? Good thing I’m here to enlighten you then. First [...]