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Moving offices pt. III

Sssoo, long time no post. I bet ya’ll have been sleepless since the last one. Right? Sorry about that. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’ll be getting better at this stuff tho’. Wouldn’t be fair now would it?! :-)

Anyways, late last year I moved in with the Mad Crew into their brand spanking newly refurbished offices. I didn’t even bother to have a look at the place ’cause you know how it is, it’s all about the people. Well ok, aaannd location. I already knew I liked the guys, and you can’t beat the location right schmack in the middle of Södermalm, so what else was there to think about? Not much really. I put my trusty old’ workstation on our handy little cart (?) and went over there.

All settled in and happy I started working on a christmas greeting thingy. Trying out some new workflows and updating myself to try and keep up with all the youngsters out there. Getting myself knee deep into everything there is to making entertaining characters. Even tho’ animation is that one exquisite part of it all that never ever gets boring I really do enjoy digging in and getting my hands dirty with all the other stuff involved. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to finish it all. Fortunately there’s Christmas this year too!

Been keeping busy since the new year so I haven’t really gotten around to gathering all the latest work to show you guys. Finishing a couple of things this coming week tho’ so maybe there’ll be some eye candy to feast your eyes on while waiting for the Easter bunny. Or perhaps just after he’s left you with that Easter coma. Time will tell.

The excitingness haven’t faded a bit and there will most definitely be a post or two here in the near future so stay tuned!