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Let me introduce you to The Fat Little Indian Sis’!

Hey peeps,

This post is surprisingly enough not at all about me, but all about the Fat Little Indian Sis’ that’s roaming the streets of the 3rd world (UK/London, for those of you who didn’t finish school). After finishing her MA with flying colors and a masterplan to turn the Liverpool Street Station in London into something more than just “a-big-lifeless-entity-people-rush-through-while-on-their-way-somewhere-else” (that’s just my own words tho’, so don’t quote HER on that), she went on a travelling spree that brought her all the way from the 3rd world to India, Chile and back again. And then some. She just got started on her first job in the 3rd world too. Great things are coming to those of you who are (un)fortunate enough to dwell over there! But I won’t bore you with my own puny ramblings for this post so head on over and have a look at the greatness that is my kid sister (not really a kid these days…fortunately):

Viveka Thakker/Creating Experiences of Awareness


ps. I’ve also added the link to my “Links” list on the main site, in case the unthinkable would happen and you would loose track of this post.