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2012-04-12, that’s a date that goes down in the familly history books as the dawn of a new era. The time is here for the next generation of the Fat Little Grindians* to roam the globe and make it a better place. I’m not going to bore you with words so just have a look at the magique that is Alvar:

* This little fella right here is not only Indian, but also Greek and Swedish you know! :-)

What, this is no baby? Nope, but it is what kept us busy all the way until we rushed into the cab: delivery cinnamon buns!

Once we made it back home Alvar quickly went back to doing what he’s been practising for months: sleep (but this time ON TOP of mom’s belly) :-)

You know that feeling when you’ve just finished a delicious meal? Yeah, that’s the one!

My sister seems to have a baby-foot-fetish. Totally understandable I have to say! (picture taken by my sis’, in case you didn’t get that)

Well…do I need to say anything? Really?

Mom & Dad :-D

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